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30 May 2009 @ 09:13 pm
You know...  

...for being my "closest friends", you really suck.
Moving out of state with your boyfriends? Mind you, I don't much give a shit, please don't flatter yourselves by thinking that's why I'm upset, no; but not mentioning it until it randomly comes up in casual conversation, then trying to laugh it off? 

Dick move.

Know what else is a dick  move? 

Not paying for ANY gas on the way home.
Yeah, I'd rather eat that $50 than have to beg you stingy jerks.

#2: Fuck you. Don't take the damn job if it's such a problem.
It's your fault you didn't  tell the interviewer what you REALLY needed.
They're not bloody mind-readers.
...and don't act so cocky. It's not like you actually did anything yet.

#1: The only gripe I have with you is the aforementioned-- that and the fact that, 90% of the time, I feel like you really and truly couldn't give a shit less about me. That hurts.
Especially since we've known each other 6+ years.
...am I really not even worth the courtesy of a: "By the way ____, I was considering moving, JUST SO YOU KNOW." 
I'd bloody tell you.

#3: Please, just shut up.
Quit judging everyone else.
They're the ones who are married and DON'T cheat on their spouse every time they go on a trip.
For that matter, they don't feel the need to travel half way across the world to get away from this horrid, horrid city. It's really not all that bad, and you were totally naive in thinking going back would do anything. I wager you're just going to bitch about being there now for months. Of course you will.
Don't flatter yourself with: "If they ever try and make up again I won't take their call." 
They won't.
You may not do everything you get blamed for-- but you know, you do enough to earn the accusation. So live with it.
At least they can talk about things that don't concern bashing other people, including friends.

I'm so fucking frustrated lately.
Thinking on things like this make me so glad to have friends who do actually care.

Glad I was smarter than putting all my eggs in one basket this time.



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